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About Mr. Scott

Mr. Scott ‘The Music Man’ delivers a uniquely creative and energetic, interactive concert experience for children and their families. His multi-faceted show is guided by his improvisational spirit and features his own brand of zany physical theatrics,coupled with his dynamic original music and comical lyrics. His fans come to his concerts wearing multi colored, rainbow tie-dye which is Mr. Scott’s signature attire from head to toe.

His audience is on the edge of their seats, or standing up and movin’ and groovin’ throughout, in anticipation of his next move. He moves from high-energy, fast paced numbers during which the audience is on their feet dancing to the beat, to more melodic selections using an original finger play activity or call and repeat song.

He incorporates varied musical styles and changes the tempo and mood throughout the show. You have to see his show to believe the excitement he creates around him. And, to see how he interacts with the children…with sincere interest, love and appreciation for each of them.

Mr. Scott ‘The Music Man’ performances are best remembered for his: Raw positive energy, his ability to engage the audience right from the start. Sheer physical acrobatics Intriguing musical creativity, unique wacky sense of humor ‘In the moment’, improvisational surprises And, most importantly,